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    What is Soda Blasting?

    Cob-Blasting.Com is Harmon Distributing's industrial products division. While baking soda and corn cob is the mainstay of the company, this division offers a developed line of products and applicators that deliver either baking soda or corn cob as a parts cleaning medium in metalworking shops.

    For most metalworking shops parts cleaning is, well, a pain. It's a non-value added step in the manufacturing process that while, often necessary, gets metalworking businesses into areas in which they have little or no expertise.

    If a shop must clean parts, what's the best method? Of course there is no easy answer. It used to be possible to soak parts in a vapor degreaser and accomplish most soil removal requirements. That's no longer feasible because of environmental regulations covering atmospheric discharges and toxic waste disposal.

    Options include parts aqueous and semi-aqueous washing units with agitation sometimes generated by ultrasonics. These methods work well for specific materials and soils but lack the kind of general purpose effectiveness that vapor degreas-ing provides. And, there is usually a waste disposal consideration with these wet processes. Then there are dry cleaning processes. These usually employ a grit which is accelerated to high speed to blast off dirt or other soils attached to workpieces. Glass beads, metal or plastic shot--even peanut shells--are versions of this process.

    It's into this category of parts cleaning that SoffStrip falls. They have successfully used this baking soda blast on applications in aerospace, paint removal for rebuilding and remanufacturing operations and in plant maintenance departments.

    Baking soda as a grit blast medium offers several advantages over other solid mediums, according to the company. As each crystal of sodium-bicarbonate strikes the surface of a workpiece it crushes against the surface. When the crystal strikes a workpiece surface, the crystal is destroyed but in the process takes a bit of the soil with it.

    Crystals can be sized to provide the necessary cleaning aggressiveness for an application. In part, because the baking soda crystal collapses on contact, removal problems involving getting the media from internal passages or small bores is eliminated. In addition, baking soda is water soluble therefore getting the media out of highly intricate parts is also simplified. They can be rinsed free out of the workpiece if necessary.

    As a medium, baking soda is relatively soft. This makes it an effective blast medium for delicate substrates such as aluminum and thin wall sections like cylinder fins or aerospace structures. There is little or no peening action with baking soda blast. Baking soda is inert making its use and disposal less problematic than some other materials.

    Cob-Blasting.Com offers a full line of blast application equipment to accompany their baking soda media. For job shops with a variety of applications, there is a stand-alone blast cabinet available with interior dimensions up to height by width by length of 60 by 24 by 42 inches. There are systems available for higher volume/lower mix applications as well.

    Cleaning workpieces and equipment is a necessity for many shops. Unfortunately there is no universal method effective for all cases. However, baking soda grit blast offers several advantages over other methods, particularly with regard to environmental and disposal considerations. That may make checking into a system for your application a good idea.—


    What Is Soda Blasting?

    Soda blasting is a process in which an environmentally safe product of sodium bicarbonate is used as a specially formulated blast media to clean and strip most surfaces. The sodium bicarbonate serves as a mild abrasive that will remove or etch paint. Or it will work as the lone, active cleaning agent for all varieties of surfaces and equipment.

    The sodium bicarbonate is dispensed from a machine that is specifically designed to perform soda blasting. It is applied to the surface to be cleaned through a specially designed nozzle and pressurized  hose. It obtains its pressure from a conventional shop air compressor or a mobile construction air compressor. It can be applied either dry or wet. Wet Blasting uses the soda in conjunction with water. This method is used in areas where the dust being generated is controlled by the water. Soda blasting has many applications for removing paint, coatings, contaminants, odors and other types of cleaning on most all materials. Soda blasting can be used to clean and deodorize fire and smoke damage in buildings.

    The H250 Series is the blast generator that propels the blasting media onto the surfaces that require depainting, rust removal, paint etching, or other surface preparation. This process removes paint and contaminate without harming the substrate surface.

    What are the Benefits of Soda Blasting?

    • Soda Blasting is a nondestructive operation that can remove or prepare old paint or other materials.
    • Soda Blasting will not damage most base materials or surrounding components which comprise that items body structure, i.e. steel, aluminum, fiberglass, moldings, window glass, etc.
    • Sodium Bicarbonate is a non-hazardous food grade material that is 100% water soluble and environmentally safe.
    • Soda blasting and Cob Blasting will eliminate the need for using toxic cleaning chemicals.
    • Soda Blasting will clean multi-layered surfaces to the level of any layer desired.
    • Soda Blasting may be used to clean or decoat machines, while the machine is still in operation.
    • Cob Blasting uses biodegradable corncob and corncob and corn cob blasting blasting which will allow the operator to strip softer surfaces with minimal damage. This type of media is used to strip log homes, houses, wood fences, decks and any other surface requiring a milder abrasive.

    Most abrasive media can be used in our machine.

    • corncob and corn cob blasting media
    • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
    • Potassium sulphate (K-2)
    • Magnesium sulphate (kieserite)
    • Walnut
    • Garnett
    • Sand
    • And more




    Why choose Sodium Bicarbonate?

    Because of it's Unique Physical Properties.

    The cleaning effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate is a direct result of those physical properties. These qualities allow the media to be used in a wide variety of applications.

    The magic of baking soda is due to:

    • Sodium bicarbonate's granulation results in a consistent sizing of the cleaning media 

    • Sodium bicarbonate's shape is multi-sided which means any side can impact first and still provide cleaning action 

    • Sodium bicarbonate's "Friability" (easily crumbled) enhances the cleaning process

    • Sodium bicarbonate's hardness is such that it will not damage delicate substrates 

    • Sodium bicarbonate blast media's pH (8.2) greatly reduces any caustic effect

     These properties provide the cleaning power of sodium bicarbonate media:

    • Sodium bicarbonate has high friability with consistent angular fractures results in smaller, uniformly angular cleaning particles. This feature ensures that all surfaces of a substrate can be cleaned effectively.

    • Sodium bicarbonate media is very soft (2.4 on Mohs Scale of Hardness) and is a friable cleaning agent. This means that blasting with sodium bicarbonate is like throwing a snowball at a fence whereas other less friable media (plastic at 3.5 and glass at 4.5 on Mohs Hardness Scale) is like throwing a stone at a fence.

    • Sodium bicarbonate media imparts a cleaning effect where other abrasives use a hit and cut method to clean or chop away the coating. 

    • Sodium bicarbonate crystals begin at less than 70 microns. At impact, the crystal crumbles and gently imparts the energy into a cleaning mass. Much of this energy is transferred perpendicular to the angle of the blast across the entire structure. The result is a clean surface.

    • Sodium bicarbonate easily removes carbon, grease, oils, gasket material, surface corrosion, paint and coatings from a variety of alloys, plastics and composites without substrate damage or distortion, and leaves hard anodized coatings intact. 

    • Sodium bicarbonate reduces cycle time by cleaning, de-greasing, de-painting all in one step. Unlike glass beads or plastic media, sodium bicarbonate requires no pre-wash and its water solubility allows for complete rinsing, eliminating the risk of spent media lodging in tight spaces or critical passageways.



    Corncob and Corn Cob Blast Media

    Crushed corncob and corn cob blasting medias are made from the woody ring portion of the corncob.  This portion of the cob is separated, dried, ground, air-cleaned, and then classified over screens of various mesh sizes.  They are available in granules ranging from 1/4” to a fine powder.

    Qualities of crushed corncob and corn cob blastings that make them ideal for pressure blasting include its mild abrasiveness, absorbency, and resilience to attrition.  Advantages of using corncob and corn cob blastings for blasting include the elimination of masking, elimination of solvents and pollution concerns, non-sparking and non-toxic operation, non-silica content, and the fact that corncob and corn cob blastings are organic and biodegrable. 

      Common applications of corncob and corncob and corn cob blasting blasting blasting include:
    • cleaning of motors, generators, and heavy equipment
    • cleaning of insulators and transformers
    • removal of manufacturing soils from the ceiling of industrial facilities
    • cleaning of pipes and pumps in processing plants
    • cleaning and paint preparation of buildings
    • cleaning of timbers in log homes prior to sealing
    • cleaning of boat hulls
      Crushed corncob and corn cob blastings have a 4.5 Mohs hardness and are available in the following standard sizes:
    Size Passes through: Retained on:
    814 #8 (.0937”) #14 (.0555”)
    1420 #14 (.0555”) #20 (.0331”)
    2040 #20 (.0331”) #40 (.0165”)
    4060 #40 (.0165”) #60 (.0098”)


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